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 The Hydrotherapy Pool

At Healing Water the pool measures 4.5m (14.9ft) in length x 2.5m (8.2ft) wide  x 1.2m (3.11ft) depth, it  is heated between 30 – 32 degrees. This has important physical consequences; warm water causes the blood vessels to expand and this will result in a decrease in pain and stiffness and an increase in muscle efficiency. The water quality is tested at least 3 times per day, this ensures the water remains hygienic at all times.

The pool has the following features:

·         Enjoyable for dogs who like to swim

·         A non weight bearing treatment, allowing movements which are not possible on land

·         Adjustable anti-swim jets to tailor the treatment to the animals physical capabilities and needs

·         A non slip walkway in and out of the pool

·         3 internal platforms to rest on in the pool

The Aquatic Treadmill

·         This is a newer treatment in the Hydrotherapy industry and is considered a highly effective piece of equipment to assist with the rehabilitation of animals.

·         The treadmills glass sides enable the hydrotherapist to assess joint range of motion, stance time and stride length during the session.

·         Excellent for dogs who are hydrophobic

·         Treadmill treatment can be started 10 - 14 days post surgery

·         The water level can be adjusted to target specific joints and areas of interest

·         The treadmill has a variable speed enabling the hydrotherapist to achieve the correct walking pattern


Shower facilities

​All dogs are showered pre-swim to remove any excess hair and dirt from the coat. It also acclimatises the animal to the temperature of the water and stimulates muscles prior to the session commencing. The animal is then showered post-swim to remove any chemical residue in the coat.

Drying is very important after a hydrotherapy session for the benefits of the session to be seen. The drying technique we use is dependent on the animal’s temperament and condition. A blaster dryer or towels will be used. However it is recommended that owners continue to keep their dog warm after leaving the centre, you may opt to bring a coat or blanket with you for travelling home.

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